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【ASMR】ガチすっぴんから毎日メイク* My Everyday Makeup Tutorial – How to become ASMR BlueKatie (タッピング、囁き)

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さてさてこれでも一応ASMR動画なので少しでもリラックスして貰えたら嬉しいです。ご視聴ありがとうございました!!これ見た後でもブルーキティでいてくれたらかなり嬉しいな、なんて思ってます。高評価、チャンネル登録、通知、ツイッター&インスタフォローよろしくおねがいします^^励みになります!みんないつもありがとう おやすみ🌙💕

What’s up my Blue Kitties! Today I have a very special video for you guys, I show my bare face to the entire internet because I hate myself 👍 Jk, I had lots of requests of people wanting to see a make up tutorial so here it is! Not saying I’m pretty or anything in my usual videos but there are some people who praise my appearance on my videos (im very grateful) and whenever I read those comments I always felt kinda guilty cause the real me is not like that. Since you Blue kitties are like my friends, I wanted to show you guys how I usually look like! Some of y’all who like my appearance in my normal videos, this might be a big bummer but whatever this is me so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Also I feel like the internet is filled with pretty people. Whenever I see them I always feel inferior. But then I thought to myself, isn’t that because I compare their most attractive moments to my most unattractive ones? So today I wanted to show you guys that there are ordinary looking people on the internet too, lol if you guys stay a blue kitty after this video imma cry fr

I truly hope you enjoyed it and thank u so much for watching! Today’s video is a bit darker since I got some comments on my last video that the lightning was a bit too bright. ^^ Anyways please follow my twitter, instagram and subscribe&like💕 love u guys and have a good night🌙💕

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